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Chasewater Bell Boat Helm Courses

The Bell Boat Helm is a twin-hulled open canoe seating up to 14 children or 8 adults, plus the helm.

It is a standard class boat. Bell Boating is a rewarding and enjoyable sport of recreation and can be used in outdoor education, expeditions and competition.

The Bell Boat Helm Award is aimed at coaches, youth leaders and others who wish to introduce and develop paddlers on Bell Boats for recreation and sport based on sheltered water. The Bell Boat helm, when acting as such, will be permitted to take responsibility for the crew and the boat within the guidelines and conditions attached to the award. The main priorities of the helm for themselves and their crew are safety and enjoyment. The award is relevant for use throughout the year, within the provisions listed.

This course is accredited and certified by British Canoeing.

This is a 2 day course.

All courses run from 9am - 5pm.

£120.00 (£120.00 each)


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